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True Family Farm

Scarborough Homestead

Scarborough Homestead – 1954

Carncroft Farms has been in operation since 1837. The Carnaghan Family originally established themselves in Scarborough, Ontario. In 1955, to stay ahead of the sprawl of the city, the Carnaghan’s relocated their farm to the east.

Carnaghan Family

Carnaghan Family

Since then the community of Blackstock (east of Port Perry) in Durham Region has been home to Carncroft Farms.

Luke Carnaghan is the 6th generation to operate Carncroft Farms. Together with myself – Jenny (and our 3 children: Logan – 6, Alyssa – 5 and Bree – 3).

We are dedicated to keeping Carncroft Farms successful for generations to come.

True experience

John Carnaghan with his Grandfather – 1920

Sheep have always been part of Carncroft Farms – knowledge and expertise being passed down from generation to generation. As a young boy, Luke spent countless hours with his grandpa (John Carnaghan) – learning the how’s and why’s of raising a superior flock of sheep.

In 1996, Luke took over managing and operating the farm. Up until 2010, a flock of 100 – 120 ewes was maintained. Primarily, lambs were born in January through March and marketed as Easter lambs. At the end of lambing in 2010, we decided to enter into producing lambs on a year round basis. Together with our neighbour – Zach Grove, that goal has become a reality.

Over the past 5 years, Zach has also been managing his own flock of 80 – 120 ewes. Daily chores, feed production, management, and marketing had always tended to be a collaborative effort between our farm and his – so it was a natural fit for us to form a partnership as we worked to expand.

In the fall of 2012, we built a new barn to be used as our lambing facilities and converted our existing barns and pastures into housing for lambs and ewes that are not lambing.

True year round lamb availability

We currently have 600 mature ewes, producing 1200+ lambs per year. The flock is managed so that a group of approximately 200 ewes lamb at three different times per year. This allows us to have a continuous supply of Fresh Ontario Lamb.